small groups

At TreeLine, we don’t want to be a church where you just come to sit in seats, but to be what scripture defines as the church. We want to not only be the church, but be a part of life change in our region. This happens best when we build relationships and do life together.

Our goal for our groups is to get people connected to each other and connected to the Bible. Groups meet at various times and various locations throughout the week.

Joining a group is one of the best steps you can take as you grow in your Christian faith.

A small group is a group people who meet weekly to share life, study God’s word and to pray together. An average meeting last an hour and a half and includes plenty of time building relationships.

Small groups are where we get connected! We believe spiritual growth happens best when we’re connected to others in relationship and connected with God and His Word.

We have several group sessions that meet throughout the year. Signing up is easy, just hit the link below to view all the groups we have around Pittsburgh! Just sign up, show up and when that series of small groups is done, so is your commitment.

Click HERE for the small group directory. 

Click HERE to learn about the S.O.A.P Bible study method.